How to Fix Windows Defender Firewall not Working in Windows 10

Suppose you are a Windows 10 user, and while working on it, you find that windows could not start the windows defender firewall service on your local computer. In that case, you don’t need to be stressed, cause here we will discuss the few easy ways to fix unable to activate Windows Defender Firewall through an easy step guide.

Windows Defender is the most important feature of your windows; it protects your system from viruses and malicious virus attacks. But sometimes, it isn’t able to perform its work efficiently and create a problem in front of you, and you have to troubleshoot the windows firewall.

Why does your Windows 10 defender suddenly stop working?

Have you ever tried to figure out, When your windows defender suddenly stops working?” Well, there are several reasons behind your Firewall not Working in Windows 10. Here are two reasons that are highly responsive to encounter Windows 10 defender firewall problems.

  • Any third party Antivirus program or antivirus software in your system.
  • Date and time zone mismatch.

How to Fix Windows Defender Firewall not Working in Windows 10

“How do I fix Windows Defender firewall not working in windows 10?” that is the common question asked by those facing windows defender firewall issue windows 10.

Don’t worry because here we are to provide you few effective solutions to get your windows defender firewall active on your system without wasting your time.

Solution 1: Restart Firewall service

If your windows 10 defender firewall operation is disrupted, then restart firewall service is the most effective solution to bring it back to normal. Below are a few easy steps that are defined to perform this solution.

Step 1: First, go to search and type services.msc, and after that, open services.

firewall not working in windows 10 services msc

Step 2: Now, find a windows defender firewall, and after finding it right, click on it and then choose Restart.

restart window defender firewall

Step 3: Wait until the restart process has finished.

Step 4: Now, you have to right click on windows firewall, and then go to the properties.

click on properties

Step 5: Now, you have to make sure that the Startup type is set to Automatic. 

startup type

If the windows defender firewall restart solution cannot fix your problem, then move to the other solution.

Solution 2: Perform Registry Tweak

It is common that windows 10 users are generally facing a problem with the windows defender firewall; in that situation, registry tweak is also a valuable solution. To get to know “How to perform Registry Tweak in windows 10?” to fix the windows defender firewall issue, follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: First, go into the search and type there Regedit and then open the Registry editor.

firewall not working in windows 10 registry editer

Step 2: Now follow this path; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SYSTEM>Current Control Set servicesBFE. Do right click on BFE, and after that, choose permissions.

follow the path and choose permissions

Step 3: Now, you have to click on ADD and type Everyone and click on OK. 

click on add

Step 4: Click on Everyone, and under the permission of everyone, check Full control.

click on full control

Step 5: At last, Restart your computer. 

So, these are the few steps that are helpful for you to perform registry tweak. If you are not satisfied with this solution, then move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Run the downloadable troubleshooter

To fix your windows 10 firewall problem, the windows Microsoft offers a unified downloadable troubleshooter so that you don’t need to perform a depth troubleshooting process. Here are a few steps that demonstrate to you how to download and run this troubleshooter in your windows 10 device.

Step 1: Download a firewall troubleshooter online, which you really want to run.

Step 2: After downloading the troubleshooter tool run it, and then click on Advanced.

Step 3: Now you need to check the Apply repairs Automatically box then click on Next.

Step 4: Now, wait until the procedure has finished, and after that, look for the entire change.

Along with Windows 10, this solution also works in a great manner for windows 7 and Vista users. Try this solution for your windows 10, 7, and Vista operating systems whenever you face a firewall defender problem. If this method does not provide you sufficient results, then shift to the next solution without thinking twice.

Solution 4: Reset Firewall Setting

When your windows defender firewall service grayed out or showed any issue, reset firewall settings are also a good option. Whenever you do constant updates of your windows, it affects lots of certain settings concerning the built-in programs and impacts lots of side effects on your windows. In order to resolve this problem, you should reset the firewall setting. Follow the below-given instruction to reset the windows defender firewall setting.

Step 1:  Go into the search box and type Firewall; after finding the windows defender firewall from the list, open it.

windows defender firewall

Step 2:  In the left pane, click on Restore Default. 

restore default

Step 3:  Now, you have to click on the Restore Defaults button and then Reboot your PC.

After completing the Reboot process, you will find that your windows defender firewall works smoothly and error-free.

Solution 5: Use Command Prompt to reset Windows Firewall

You can use a command prompt to reset the windows firewall when you hear about this solution the first time, it seems like a difficult method, but it is very simple and requires minimal efforts in actuality. Here are a few steps that you should follow to reset windows 10 firewall on default values.

Step 1: To open your search bar, type CMD in the search box, do right click on the command prompt, and run it as an administrator.

command prompt

Step 3: Type the below-given command in the command line and press enter.

netsh firewall set opmode mode=ENABLE exceptions=enable 

type in command prompt

Step 4: Close your command prompt. 

Step 5: Now, Restart your PC.

This solution is quietly similar to the previous solution. Still, if the previous solution wasn’t able to activate the windows defender firewall, this is the standard way to give you a favorable solution.

Solution 6: Uninstall security-related updates

Whenever you update your windows 10, it brings many security updates to your windows. We know updates provide us many features and benefits, but along with that, many updates bring more issues than benefits. So, it would be better for you if you uninstall a few updates out of these updates. Below steps are given to uninstall security updates, to fix windows firewall defender manually.

Step 1: To open the setting app, press windows key + I and select update and security.

click on update and security

Step 2: Then  click on windows update to see installed update history and choose Uninstall updates, and uninstall all recent updates. 

windows update history

Step 4: At last, restart your PC. 

After restarting your PC, you will find that all the recent updates have been removed and your windows 10 defender firewall back on.

Solution 7: Set the correct date and time

Incorrect date and time can also conflict with the working of your windows 10; you need to select the correct date and time or adjust date and time, to fix windows defender firewall failure. Below are given a few steps to set date and time, follow these steps.

Step 1: On the taskbar, do right click on date and time and select Adjust date/time.

Step 2: Now, turn on the toggle under, Set Time Automatically, and then Set time zone automatically in your windows 10.

Step 3: If you have another windows operating system, then click on Internet Time, and tick mark on Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server.

Step 4: Now, select the server; after that, click on update then OK. While doing this process, you don’t need to click on the update. Now, click on, OK.

Solution 8: Use third-party antivirus

When you find that your windows 10 defender firewall doesn’t work, you can use third-party software; after using this, you will find that your computer will automatically switch to your own antivirus firewall.

If you don’t know what antivirus you have to use on your Windows 10, you must select the right and suitable. Ensure that the antivirus you are going to be used must take care of your hardware and optimize your system. Also, it has multiple usable tools and features.

Therefore, these are the following vital solutions to resolve windows defender firewall settings or issues. Whenever you face any problem with your windows 10 defender firewall system, without wasting so much time, follow this guide. Our practical and easy solution helps you get out of this trouble.