Windows 10 Auto Shut Down Problem



We know how annoying it is for you when you are working on your computer or laptop on something important and suddenly your system shuts down without giving you any prior warning so that you can save your files or any incomplete task for later.

Are you among the Windows 10 users who are experiencing the similar situation? Do not worry anymore here we’ll provide you with the causes of the auto shut down and how to fix the problem with our effective and simple solutions.

What are the Causes of Windows 10 Auto Shutdown?

  1. Over-Heating Issues- A lot of computers especially laptops shut down when they overheat, this is a common practice every Laptop brand follows in order to avoid permanent damage. In this case you can either change your fans inside the CPU or you can use a blower to clean the vents.
  2. Updates– As we’ve mentioned several times in this content that Windows 10 updates are one of the major reasons why many problems occur in the first place. That doesn’t mean you can turn off your auto updates and free yourself from all the issues in the future. Doing that will make things worse for you because every Windows upgrades contains patch for security issues. Follow the methods below and we think your problems will get resolved.
  3. Dying Batteries– Almost every modern laptop has enough battery power to last for a day or two, however, this is not the case in old laptops. Most of users also complains about Laptop shutting down without any prior warnings, but only when the charger cable is not plugged in. Other than this there are several reasons why your battery dies. (Follow this article to know how to revive and jumpstart your dying laptop battery.) New Topic.

Steps you need to follow to fix auto shutdown issues: –

The one question that floods the official Microsoft forum is “my pc is shutting down automatically?” and yes as we said earlier that overheating can cause auto shut down issues on your PC there are other reasons as well to consider. So, without any further ado let us show you how to resolve this problem.

Solution 1- Replace your Power Cable (For PC only)

A loose connection between your power supply and the tower can make your PC automatically shut down without your knowledge. In this case replacing the power cable can be the best option because if the power supply cable continue disrupts the power to the tower aka CPU then it may corrupt your hard disk and motherboard.

Solution 2- Disable Fast Start-up Feature in Windows 10

The fast start-up feature is mostly used for speed loading up your Windows 10 when you start it. Well its truly a harmless feature but the way it changes the settings of your system might get conflict with other important setting. For example, when your Fast start-up feature is enabled on your Windows 10 and you try to shut down your PC or laptop then what it does is it saves an image file of your pre-loaded kernel and all the drivers in hiberfile, once you restart your computer then it simply reloads the image file. This makes your system load boots faster and sometime it leads to shut down issues. Follow the steps below to turn of the feature:

Step 1- Open Power and Sleep Setting on your Windows 10 computer

power sleep settings

Step 2- On the right choose “Additional Power Settings

additional power settings

Step 3- Now, on the left click on “choose what the power options do.”

choose what power button do

Step 4- Select “change settings that are currently enable

change settings that are currently enable

Step 5- If the “Turn on fast startup” is checked then you need to uncheck it.

turn on fast startup uncheck it

Step 6- Finally Click on Save changes to disable the feature (You can re-enable it at any point of time by following the similar steps but this time you need to check the box).

Solution 3- Disable Sleep Mode

Sleep mode works when you stop using your pc for some time depending upon the setting (from 30 mins-5 hours) to preserve energy. Press a button from your keyboard and your computer will come back to the exact state where you left them. Sleep mode is automatically enabled in most of the modern laptops for saving the battery. To disable sleep mode/ hibernation you need to follow the steps shown below:

Step 1- Open Power and Sleep Settings Again

power sleep settings

Step 2- Now you need to select the Never option .sleep never options windows 10

Step 3- Click on “Save Changes”.

Solution 4- Review the Windows System Logs

This may not solve your auto shutdown issues on Windows 10 but it can give you reasons that why your system crashed. One of our readers complained that his PC was crashing unexpectedly and he checked the system logs where it indicated that while in transition between sleep states a firmware changes occurred and the device kept on getting crashed causing an HDD issues. To review your Windows 10 System Logs, follow the steps below:

Step 1- Right click on the Start Icon

Step 2- Select Control Panel

Step 3- Click on System & Security and Expand Administrative tool

Step 4- Now Double-Click Event Viewer

Step 5- Select Yellow Warnings and Red Errors to Review them.

Solution 5- Perform a Startup Repair

Due to OS corruption the auto shutdown operation takes place. Doing a startup repair can solve the issue. Startup repair is a Windows Recovery tool which helps in fixing certain startup issues on your system by scanning the computer to find the problem and then fix it. Here’s how you can perform a startup repair.

Kindly backup all the important files from your computer before doing the Startup Repair.

Step 1- Download the Windows 10 ISO and Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from Microsoft Website here

Step 2- Connect your USB Drive or CD/DVD with the ISO Image and restart your computer.

Step 3- A black Screen will appear saying “Press any Key to boot from CD/DVD. Hit on any button in your Keyboard.

Step 4- Choose the Correct time and Keyboard type.

Step 5- Click Repair your Computer in the left bottom corner.

Step 6- Select Troubleshoot.

Step 7- Click Advanced options in troubleshoot screen.

Step 8- Select Start up Repair.

Once the startup repair is done your computer will restart automatically and if it does not try starting it and check if your Windows 10 auto shutdown problem has been solved or not.


According to our researches these are some of the most common problems reported by Windows 10 users on different platforms. We’ve tried our best to list all the major problems their causes and how to fix it. If in case you are still having any issues related to your Windows 10 then kindly comment below that what exactly issues you are facing. We’ll try our level best to provide you with further solution which can help you resolve the problems.

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