(Solved) Why My Computer is Not Working Properly? Find the Solutions

Those who are using a computer for their personal and professional work purposes have once faced some issues while working on it. No doubt your computer or laptop is the basic need in a technical environment, but sometimes you might be wondering, “why is my computer not working properly?” If you are looking for the reasons that affect your system problem, you will get all the information on this blog.

In a personal and professional environment, your computer plays a vital role. As we look around in the field of technology, we find that new software, hardware, and technologies are released over the years that give you a better work environment. The same thing is also applicable in terms of the computer working process.

Why is my computer not working properly?

If you are using a computer in your day-to-day life, it is very common to face technical issues that require special attention. Thankfully, you are here, because here we are going to describe a few common computer problems and how to fix them. Follow us, through below described content.

Common PC problems and solutions

PC working slow:

What could be more frustrating than, when you open any app or browse something in your system, it takes more than 5 minutes for a process that could happen within a second? Your computer is not working properly is the most common issue that you generally face. Most commonly, it happens with the systems that are two years old. The duration of your system could be the root reason behind this problem.


Sometimes the program which is running into your computer uses entirely the resources of your system. So you need to find these resource-hungry programs and close them.

Step 1: Press Ctrl+shift+Escape or right click in the Windows icon to open the “Task Manager” of your PC.

open task manager computer not working properly

Step 2:To sort out the list of the applications that use the most resources, click on Processes.

Step 3: If you find any application using the most resources, you need to simply close it.

processes computer not working properly

Step 4: If you could not select it, click on the “End task” to close it forcefully.

end task PC not working properly

So by closing the resources hungry programs, you would be able to increase the working of your slow PC. Apart from this, you can also download antivirus software by removing malfunctioning and viruses programs.

Slow Internet:

The Internet is the basic need of every PC user whether he has to do a very urgent professional work or browsing social media platforms, whatever it is. When your internet is performing slow working, it could be happening because of two reasons one is external, your internet service provider issue. The other one is an internal issue; means it happens because of your internal appliances. Slow internet is the most common and frustrating issue that you generally face.


The most common solution to a slow internet problem is to Restart your modem because you sometimes overuse the internet. As a result, your modem will be overloaded, and it causes a slow internet problem in your PC. A power fluctuation can also affect your modem, so you need to restart it to resolve your Computer problem.

Step 1: switch off the modem.

turn off the modem to fix computer not working properly

Step 2: Wait for a few minutes.

Step 3: Turn it back on.

turn on the modem

This is the easy way of restarting the modem and set back your slow internet speed. If this solution does not work, you can fix your Wi-Fi signal or contact your Internet service provider.

PC fan not working:

Most of the PC users panic when they find their PCs stop working. But in reality, it is a common hardware problem of PCs that generally occurs when your CPU temperature is low, or maybe a power-hungry application is not running. As we told earlier, it is a hardware problem, so it will happen because of the motherboard problem.


To resolve this problem first, you have to determine the problem with the fan or motherboard then look for a solution according to the problem.

Step 1: Check, does the fan is correctly installed on the motherboard or not. Check the wires are correctly connected with the board.

check the wires are correctly connected to fix computer not working properly

Step 2: Connect the fan with an external power source; if it is still not working, that means the problem is related to the fan itself.

Step 3: Clean all the dust from your fan with a cloth then check it. If it is still not working, then go for another way.

clean all the dust from your fan

Step 4: If you find your CPU fan is stuck or broken, you need to call a professional repair service provider to resolve this issue.

The printer is not printing:

Those who are using a printer for printing paper through their connected PC or computer sometimes might not be able to print the papers because of any technical problem. To resolve your printer, not printing error first, you need to check whether it is a warning light or error message problem on your printer. Now, follow a stepwise procedure for troubleshooting printing problems.


You need to check or fix several things related to your connected printer like; USB cable is connected properly, papers are in the tray, ink toner cartridges are not empty, the printer is connected to Wi-Fi. The practical solution for this problem is to restart the printer and check drivers’ issues connected to the problem.

Cancel all the active Printing Jobs

Step 1: Open Devices and Printers

open devices and printers

Step 2:  In Devices and Printers tab, right click on printer and then click See what’s printing.

click on see whats printing

Step 3: Then right click on Printing jobs and cancel the all jobs.

Step 4: Then Restart your printer.

Sometimes your printer might be overloaded with the ink cartridges; in such kind of conditions, the most natural solution is to restart the printer.

But if the problem is associated with the drivers connected with your computer, you could fix it with the troubleshooting mode of your device. Also, your printer drivers must be updated and performing well.

PC Keeps disconnecting from WI-Fi:

Every PC user who uses Wi-Fi to access internet service in their PC sometimes faces a disconnecting Wi-Fi problem to their PC. Usually, their Wi-Fi is working properly, but their PC’s network card isn’t able to receive the full power. So their PC keeps going through disconnecting with the Wi-Fi problem.


To remove the Wi-Fi disconnecting problem, you need to disable your windows’ built-in power saver option because it gives less power to the network card. To execute this process, you need to go through these steps.

Step 1: Open “Control Panel.”

control panel

Step 2: Now, if your default control panel view list is category then change it to Large icons.

large icons

Step 3: Next click on Power Options.

power options

Step 4: Now select High performance option and close the tab

High performance

PC is not powering on and computer not working properly

Out of the most common computer not working properly, one is your PC, not powering on. If you find that not even a single light is showing in it, it doesn’t mean that there is a fault in your PC. In fact, it means the major problem is associated with your power resources.


The solution for your PC is not powering On; it is very simple, but it is different for both the desktop and the laptop users.

Desktop user:

Step 1: If you are a desktop user, then check your PC’s power outlets, extension cords and other connections, if you will find any fault in it then replace it.

Step 2: If the following connections are working properly, but still your PC is unable to On that means the problem is associated with the power cable.

Step 3: Replace the power cable connected to your monitor or CPU with a new cable.

Laptop user:

Step 1: Before starting the laptop, take out its battery and then insert it again in it.

Step 2: If you are still not unable to turn on your laptop, then take out your battery again. Now, connect your charging cable to your laptop.

Step 3: Now, start your PC with a connected charging cable.

Step 4: If still, it is not powering on, that means you have to replace its battery.

So in this way, you will be able to recover the powering on the problem of your PC. One thing you have to keep in mind while doing this process is; you need to remove all the external devices attached to your laptop.

Keyboard issues:

Here we are discussing the common PC’s problems, meanwhile, how can we forget about the keyboard issues; sometimes the keyboard-related problems also create trouble in your working process.


If you will find that your keyboard won’t type repeated words properly or make a noise. Then you need to disable the enabled filter keys or toggled keys. Follow these steps to disable this process.

Step 1: Open the control panel of your system.

control panel

Step 2: Click on “Ease of Access.”


Step 3: Now, click on “make the keyboard easier to use” option.

make the keyboard easier to use

Step 4: Now, you can see a checkbox with Filter keys and Toggle keys, un-check it.

toggle keys

After following these steps, you would be able to recover from keyboard issues of your PC.

The overall conclusion is that you don’t need to panic whenever you face this common PC’s issues; also, you don’t need to spend lots of time and money to overcome common PC problems. You just simply try to understand the problem and try to fix it in the right way. The common computer not working properly problems and their solutions described above will help you in coming out of trouble and increasing your work efficiency.

If you’re unable to fix the overall problem of your system, you can also consult the IT support service provider associated with your PC brand.