How to Check if Windows 10 Version is Genuine and Activated

Bought a new computer or updated your Operating System from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and you are not sure whether it is fully-activated and it is genuine or not? If your PC is causing trouble more often and your Windows 10 drivers are not working properly, then you need to check first whether the Windows 10 version is genuine or not and if it is genuine then activated or not?

In this article, we are going to cover how to check if your Windows 10 is genuine or pirated and how to know if it is activated or not? But, before showing you the actual process we are going to discuss the Windows License so that you can differentiate first which type of license you are using on your computer.

What is Windows License?

A Windows License is a combination of 16 Alpha-Numeric characters which is an authentication of using Windows Operating System XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 provided by Microsoft. It acts as a proof that you’ve legally purchased the license and you can use it on relevant Microsoft Product.

Types of Windows License: –

There are basically three types of Windows License Retail, Volume, and OEM. To know which type of licensing you are using on your computer continue reading this article.

  1. Retail Windows License: Retail License can be bought online from the Microsoft official website. You can download official Windows 10 from Download Windows 10 and purchase a key from Buy Windows 10 activation Key. With retail licensing, you’ll get support from Microsoft, and one of the best parts is that you can move licensed version to another machine by removing the key from the first and entering the product key to another one. However, compared to the other two licensing, this is a bit costly for an individual product.
  2. Volume Windows License: Mostly used by corporate and large companies Volume licensing; it is bought by those who have a large number of computer, for example – government institutions, organizations, and businesses. Volume Licensing Key (VLK) is a network activated under a Key Management Service within the business or organization network and does not need the Microsoft activation servers for product activation.
  3. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): OEM Windows Licensing comes pre-installed by your laptop’s manufacturer Hp, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Microsoft etc. the license key is written inside the bios and you don’t need a license key during the activation, windows will automatically detect the key but the support will be provided by your Laptop’s manufacturer.

You can check your version of windows with the help of Software License Manager. Here’s how you can check: –

Step 1- Type cmd inside your Windows 10 search box.

Step 2- Right Click on Command Prompt > Click on ‘run as administrator’ > Select Yes.

command prompt Windows 10 Version is Genuine

Step 3- Inside the command prompt type slmgr /dli and hit Enter.

type cmd in search box and run as a administrator

A screen will pop up with details of your Windows 10 version. Using this method you can also verify that if your Windows 10 is genuine or not and if it is activated or not?

How to know if your Windows 10 Version is Genuine or Not?

There are many ways you can check the legitimacy of your Windows 10 but the best way according to Microsoft is by checking your Microsoft account. If the Windows 10 license is linked to your Microsoft account then you enable the digital license by simple logging in to your Microsoft account on your Windows 10. But, other than this there’s also a simple method which can help you check whether you Windows 10 is genuine or not.

Method 1- Using your Keyboard

  • Press the Windows Key + Pause Break from your keyboard.

check for windows activation to know Windows 10 Version is Genuine

  • System Window will appear. Look at the bottom, see if you product is activated.

N: check firefox bookmark.

Method 2- Checking System Information

If in case you are not able to do the above step. Try this method: –

  • Click on Start and Select Settings from the left.

click on start and select settings

  • Select Update and Security.

select update and security


  • Select Activation
  • Check your Windows 10 Activation status next to Activation.


Using this method you can verify your Windows 10 genuity and also its activation status. In case you are still not able to verify check other methods below.

How to Know if your Windows 10 is activated or not?

We’ve already shown you how to check your Windows 10 is genuine or pirated, here we are going to show you how to check if it is activated or not. If you’ve tried the above two methods and still not able to verify the whether your Windows 10 is activated or not? Then, try these methods.

Method 1- Check Activation Status Using Settings

  • Open the Settings App on Windows 10 by searching it on the Search Box.
  • Select Update and Security from the bottom.

update and security


  • On the left panel Click on Activation.
  • You’ll see the Windows 10 Edition and Activation Details.


Method 2- Using Command Prompt

  • Search CMD on the Windows 10 Search box.
  • Right Click on Command and Select ‘run as administrator’.

type cmd in search box and run as a administrator

  • On the command prompt type slmgr/dli and hit ENTER.

type cmd in search box and run as a administrator

  • A small pop-up will appear with the activation status of your Windows 10.

Method 3- Using Run Command

  • Press the Windows logo Key + r from your keyboard and Inside the run box type or copy paste slmgr.vbs –xpr.


  • A dialog box will appear with all the details of your Windows 10 activation.

These are some of the best and easiest way to know if your Windows 10 is activated or not? Again, if you are encountering issues and not able to find out what the status of your windows 10 is then head on to our comment section and post your issues. We’ll definitely try to reply you with correct solutions.

Note: Using Pirated Windows 10 can be highly risky because it can leak your data, you’ll miss security updates, the performance of your system will cripple, you won’t be able to use some of the apps and features, and above all a pirated copy of Windows 10 might land you in jail. Our recommendation is to use a genuine copy of windows and stay away from the all the malicious attacks and problems.

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