How To Fix Printer Offline Windows 10


If you are a user of Windows 10 and have ever tried to print a document with a printer that is attached to it. Possibly you get the desired printout of your printing papers, but if you are not able to print the papers, that means your printer is in an offline state. You won’t be able to print the papers unless your printer is in an online state.

Suppose, if this would happen to you, I mean, if your printer is attached to your windows 10 device, then what would be your first step? Usually, many out of us would turn on the printer and wait for it to come in an online state, and few would try to find another way of resolving this problem.

There could be many reasons for this problem. May be an error between your printer and the devices and sometimes it could happen, because the power cable is not connected or an error of a paper jam problem.

One thing that, many of the printer users don’t know, your printer could remain in offline status even though your printer is on. You will find that your printer is connected to your computer and network, but still, it is showing an offline status. This situation could create trouble for you and affect your work.

How to fix printer offline windows 10:

There could be several reasons behind, “why your windows 10 doesn’t detect the printer is online”? Those who generally face this kind of error and are looking for an effective solution for, “how to fix printer offline windows 10?”. They will easily recover. They will easily recover from it, by using these techniques.

Turn off power cycle of your devices:

To let your printer in an online state, the first thing that you should do is; power cycling of your printer and its connected device. Sometimes, you don’t need to put much effort, you can simply recover it by checking the power cycling of it, and it will work.

STEP 1- Turn off your printer and computer.

turn off your printer and computer

STEP 2- Again turn on your printer and wait for it until it is connected to the network.

turn your printer on

STEP 3- If you are using a USB cable, then wait until the printer is starting up.

usb cable

STEP 4- Turn on your computer or laptop and check what your printer status is, does it is showing online or offline status.

turn on computer printer

STEP 5- If this method works, then your printer will show online status.

By using this method, you can troubleshoot printer it easily. While doing this process, one thing that you should remember is; when you turned off your printer, it would be fully turned off, not in power-saving mode. Another way of ensuring this is to unplug your printer from power connection at least for 30 seconds.

Setup printer online:

Sometimes, your printer shows offline status, because your printer settings are incorrectly configured, even though your printer is online and connected well. To sort out this problem, you need to change your printer settings, and this could be helpful.

STEP 1- Open Printers and Scanners on your Windows 10.

printers and scanners window search

STEP 2- Select your printer and click on open queue

open queue


STEP 3- Right click on documents and click on cancel all documents

cancel all documents

STEP 4- Uncheck the Pause Printing and Use printer offline.

Here, you have done. So this is the way through which you can set up your printer’s settings by configuring some settings correctly.

Use a troubleshooter:

Your printer maybe shows the offline status, because your Windows 10 sub-system is not performing well. There could be an error in the windows 10 subsystem. In this kind of problem, the best way is to troubleshoot your windows subsystem.

STEP 1- Go into the “Printers and Scanners” of your system settings.

printers and scanners window search

STEP 2- Click on the printer that you are having trouble with and then click on manage

manage printer


STEP 3- You need to click on Run Troubleshooter option 

run the troubleshooter

So, by using this way you can make the troubleshooting process of your windows 10 to fix its offline printing issues.

Remove and Re-add to fix printer offline issue:

If you are not able to overcome the offline printer error, then you must try the printer remove and re-addition process at once to fix the the printer offline issue on Windows 10. After removing the printer whenever you reinstall it, then windows 10 detects it and checks all of its settings. Follow the stepwise procedure for this complete process.

STEP 1- Open Printers and Scanners on your Windows 10.

printers and scanners window search

STEP 2- Click on your Printer and Click on Remove device to remove the printer

remove device

STEP 3- Click on ‘Yes’ to remove the device

click on yes to remove the device

To add your printer for these steps: –

STEP 1- Open Printers and Scanners on your Windows 10.

printers and scanners window search

STEP 2- Click on Add a Printer or Scanner

add a printer

STEP 3- Click on The printer that I want isn’t listed

the printer i want isnt listed

STEP 4- Next select Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings and then click Next

add a local printer

STEP 5- Select Use an existing port LPT1:(Printer Port)

use an existing port

STEP 6- Choose a Printer manufacturer and select the model number of your printer. Click on next.

printer manufacturer

STEP 7- Add a printer name if you want to

STEP 8- Choose any of the options

printer sharing

STEP 9- Click on ‘Set as Default Printer’ and click on finish to complete the installation process

set as default printer


So, that is the way they make your printer in an online state, but if you are still facing any problem, then you need to do the re-installation process of your printer drivers.

Re-installation and update device drivers:

Sometimes, the reason behind your offline printer status is, there is an issue with your printer drivers, and that is why your printers are not performing well. In such a situation, you need to reinstall your printer drivers by downloading it.

  • The first step is, go into the search box of your task manager.
  • Enter the device manager and search for it.
  • Now, select the device manager and uninstall it.
  • Now, restart your PC.
  • After restarting the PC, your window will automatically start to reinstall the driver.

If you found your drivers are not updated, then you need to update the device drivers of your system. Look for these steps to update device drivers.

  • In search box type, device manager and search for it. After finding the Device Manager, you can see a category of devices.
  • Select your device name category and right-click on it which you want to be updated.
  • Now you need to select, Select search automatically for updated driver software.
  • Select update drivers.
  • Now, you can see the windows will automatically update your device drivers.

So, that is the way that leads you to do your task more effectively, by updating and reinstalling your device drivers.

Use printer software:

If you tried many different ways, but still your printer is showing offline status, then there is a way you can try this. In this way, you need to use printer software that comes with your printer. The printer software uses utility that helps you in detecting the printer on the network and tries to fix the issues which cause the offline printer status.

Let me show you an example, to understand this concept in a better way, suppose you have an Epson printer, then you need to go to its official support site and enter your printer model number to download the software by clicking on the software tab. Here, the downloading is started, and at last, you will get your software to manage your printer issues and fix them.

  • The first step that you need to start this process is, check your printer software has already installed or not.
  • Go into the settings of your windows and search for devices settings.
  • Click on printers and scanners.
  • Now, you can see a list of printers on the right-hand side of it.
  • If your printer software package has installed, then it will say, App available for this device.
  • Now, click on the printer, and then click on Manage, now you can see an open printer App button here.

But in case, if your printer software setup has not been installed yet, then you need to install it. Follow these steps to fix your printer software.

  • Go on to the official site of the printer.
  • Select your product here, then select manuals and then click on start here.
  • Now download your printer setup and utility.
  • After downloading it, click on its checkbox to agree upon its end users license agreement, click Next.
  • Now, click install and Finish.
  • Select your product and then click Next.
  • Now, you need to select Printer registration and click Next.
  • Select Agree and click Next.
  • Now, you will see a message of your printer connectivity and click ok.
  • Now, its time to create a register printer account and then click on Finish.

So if you have an HP printer then you need to go on the HP site, if you have a canon printer, then you have to go on a canon printer website and so on for different kinds of printers. The printer software gives you much information about your printer status and other additional features and helps you in fixing your issue.

Hopefully, you would like our suggested methods to fix your offline printer error. If you have not tried these techniques to fix your issues, then you should try these at least once. These ways could make your printer work better with windows 10. For getting any professional help, you can also comment below and one of technicians will help in solving the issue.