Common Gmail Problems and Solutions – How to Fix Gmail Issues


How to Fix Common Gmail Problems?

Gmail was launched on 1 April 2004, and it is a Google Product – One of the largest tech world giants. It is an ad-supported free webmail service that provides a user to send electronic messages with the help of a network to different users. Once you Sign Up in Gmail, you account automatically integrates with other Google products and services, for example, Google Drive, Duo, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Google Maps, and YouTube.

Currently, Gmail has over a billion monthly active users, and Gmail holds 1/5th of the Global email market that’s almost 20% of global active email users. Since its launched Gmail became one of the most popular and user-friendly mail service providers due to the amount of free space Gmail provided at the beginning along with a clean and customizable user interface. What made Gmail so famous, and what are the benefits of using Gmail? Let us have a look.

What made Gmail so Popular and Benefits of using Gmail

Google always focused on offering free products which can help users solve technology-related problems and make their life easier on the web, Gmail is among one of the products and the reason why it became so popular are as follows: –

  1. UI and UX: Using some of the best technologies, Google made sure that Gmail’s interface should be very user-friendly, compared to other email service providers like Yahoo and Hotmail. Before Gmail, emails were very ugly with ads on the left, right, and even inside the messages. Google made sure to offer a clean UI for a better user-experience which help them gain a lot of new users.
  2. Lots of Free Space: The maximum storage of an email account at the early 2000s was only 5 MB which was too low. One of the drawbacks of having such a little email space was people were not able to send pictures, multimedia, and even average files. Gmail solved this problem by offering its users up to free 1GB storage.
  3. Search Option: I don’t personally remember any email services at that time, which offered an internal search option to check any information regarding emails, other than Google quickly.

These are some of the reasons why people chose Gmail over any other email services at that time. There were simply many functions on Gmail in comparison to other email services, which made users fell in love with Gmail and use it as their official email services.

Benefits of Using Gmail

Gmail changed the way people use to communicate with each other via email. What Gmail offered is a clean and user-friendly UI with cool inbuilt features which eliminated additional time in sending or receiving the emails, unlike other email service providers who focused on Ads and offered nothing in return to the users. Here are some of the benefits of using Gmail as your default email service provider.

  1. Compatibility: Syncing an email account is tricky with desktop and mobile email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Airmail, etc. but syncing a Gmail account is very easy with the help of IMAP, POP, and SMTP protocols.
  2. Searching Ability: Search within the Gmail account about any email information you require. Users can use Gmail search operators such as from, to, cc, bcc, subject, and many more, these search operators can help you filtering emails in your Gmail account.
  3. Uptime and Security: Supported by Google cloud platform, Gmail guarantees 99.99% uptime and safely stores all your emails, contacts, messages, and any other data. Gmail uses HTTPS encryption, and with the help of two-step verification, you can secure the Gmail account from hackers who can get access to your account and steal any essential data from it.
  4. Chat and Video: Just like any other Messenger, Google has its chat and video app known as Hangout; it replaced Google Talk and can be found embedded in your Gmail account. In Hangouts, you can connect up to nine of your contacts and start a video call simultaneously. You can also send and receive instant messages in Hangouts.
  5. Free Space: Remember once you sign up for a free Gmail account, you are also signing up for other free Google services such as Drive, Photos, etc. and all of these accounts come with a 15 GB of free space. That’s a lot! For only sending and receiving emails.
  6. Low Cost: For only $6/month you can sign up for “Gsuite” which offers business email through Gmail, 30GB of cloud storage, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and video & voice conferencing.
  7. Free Gmail Extensions: An extension is a tool which helps in adding new features in a program. Gmail also has free extensions located in the sidebar, with the help of add ons or extension you can add some of the third-party application in your Gmail and make it more powerful. Trello, Todoist, Clearbit, and Zoom are some of the popular Gmail extensions.

These are some of the many reasons why more than a billion people use Gmail every month. The amount of free stuff Gmail provides is unmatchable. However, just like any other emails, Gmail also has several issues which can’t be overlooking. Below we’ve broken down five most common problems in your Gmail and how you resolve those issues by following our troubleshooting steps.

3 Most Common Gmail Problems and How to fix them

The shortcoming to access the Gmail account is undoubtedly not a magnificent sight when you want to send an urgent email to your boss. There can be a few common problems which will limit you to gain access to your Google account correctly. Fixing these common issues can be both confusing and time-consuming depending upon the nature or complexity of the problem. Your work efficiency will decrease if you are having an issue with your Gmail account. Thankfully, we’ve come up with some essential measures and DIY process which can help you get your account fixed.

Common Gmail Problem 1- Gmail Forgot Password

This is actually the most common Gmail problem users have complained on Gmail Community Forum as well as on different social networking platforms. It is simple to reset Gmail security password by following the on-screen instructions offered by Gmail. Some of the reasons for this issue are listed below: –

  • You forgot the password
  • Complex password
  • Shared your Password or Account Hacked
  • Keyboard Issues

How to Prevent Gmail Forgot Password issue in the future?

  • Remember your Password.
  • Use Saved Password option in your browsers.
  • Right your password down somewhere in your computer or in a piece of paper.
  • Never share the password with anyone else.
  • Use password Managers

Before troubleshooting makes sure that you’ve never shared your password with someone else and always check if you are typing the right password inside the password box, you can write the password on a notepad or use the “Show Password” tool to check if your password is correct. Follow these troubleshooting steps to fix this problem.

Solution 1- Manage and Saved Passwords (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari)

If you’ve saved the Gmail account password in any of these browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari), then you can quickly restore the password by using a Password manager. Here’s how to check it.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome (New Window).
  2. On the top right hand side of your Chrome, Click on Profile icon.
  3. Click on Passwords.
  4. At the middle you’ll find the with your username and passwords.
  5. Click on the eye icon located on the right side of the password.
  6. Now enter your Computer’s password.
  7. See your Gmail Password in plain text.


  1. Open Firefox (New Window).
  2. Click on the Menu Button (3 small horizontal lines) just below the X option of Firefox.
  3. Click on Logins and Passwords with Key icon.
  4. Search for the Gmail account whose password you want to show.
  5. Click on Show Passwords.


  1. Open Opera Browser.
  2. Click on Opera Icon – Menu Bar on the top left.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Click Advanced on the left panel to expand the list.
  5. Scroll down and Select Passwords under Autofill Menu.
  6. Search for the Gmail account and Click on the eye icon to reveal the password.


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. Click on the Password tab (Key icon).
  4. Find the Gmail account.
  5. Right Click on it to copy username and password.
  6. To check the password of the Gmail account. Double Click on the Gmail URL and enter your Apple Password.
  7. Check and match your Gmail’s password.

Solution 2- Using Google Account Recovery Option

In case you are not able to get back into your Gmail account by following step 1, then follow this step to recover your Gmail account. By using Google’s account recovery option, you can easily reset the Gmail password’s by confirming your identity. Follow these steps: –

  1. Open Google Account Recovery Page.
    (Alternatively you can visit and type in your username and Click on next > Leave the password box empty and click on Forgot Password.)
  2. Type in your Gmail account id or username something like this Click Next.
  3. Enter the last password you remember. If you do not remember any last passwords then click on Try a different question at the bottom. Continue the steps until you find the right solution.
  4. Once you enter your password you’ll then be prompted by any one of these options.Verify Code via text message with the phone number associated with your account.
    B. Verify code via email with the recovery email attached to your Gmail account.
    C. Confirm your recovery email address.
    D. Enter an alternate email address to check more instructions.
  5. Verify any of these methods and you’ll receive a tab where you need to reset the password.
  6. Setup your new password and you are done.

Solution 3- Using Google Account Help Community

Google Account Help Community is a forum where people post issues they are facing in their Gmail account and experts from different parts of the world share the solutions and remedies needs to be done to get your Gmail account back.

You’ll find real time solutions related to your account from several experts. Find the solution here

Common Gmail Problem 2- Gmail Not Receiving Emails

I am not receiving new emails on my Gmail account? My Gmail stops receiving emails? Not receiving emails but I am able to send emails? Not getting emails? We guess! You’ve possibly searched online for any of these issues when you are not able to receive any new emails on Gmail. We know it is incredibly frustrating when you are facing this type of problem on your Gmail account. Here are some of the useful solutions to fix Gmail not receiving emails issue. You can try the troubleshooting steps and check if the problem got resolved.

Here are some of the quick solutions you can try to fix Gmail not receiving emails issue: –

  1. Sending too many emails: If you are sending too many emails to the sender from single account then there’s potential that your email account may be marked as spam and you won’t be able to receive any emails. The current email sending limit for a Gmail account is 500 emails per day.
  2. Wrong Email or Typing error: In many cases, people cannot identify between an underscore (_) and a hyphen (-) and makes a mistake or either type a wrong email address. Confirm it from the sender.
  3. Out of Storage: Google offers 15 GB of Data Storage for a personal account which includes Gmail, Drive, Sheets, etc. all these services counts under free 15 GB of storage. Remove any useless files from Google Drive or delete unimportant emails to free up space.
  4. Check Other Tabs: Beside Primary, there are Social and Promotions tab, check those as well to see whether you’ve received the messages. Also, make sure to check your spam folder. Use “in:anywhere” Gmail operator in the search box, which is located at the top of the Gmail account to search for any emails.
  5. Blocked Addresses: Go to Settings and select Filters and Blocked Addresses. Check whether you’ve blocked the sender from sending you emails. If yes, then delete the sender address.

Common Gmail Problem 3- Gmail Won’t Load (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)

There could be several reasons why Gmail won’t load in your default browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). The most common fix for this issue is to delete cache, browsing history, and cookies from the browser and it will be gone. But, in most cases, even these easy fixes won’t work, so let us take a look at the reasons why it happens and how you can fix them.

Reasons why Gmail Won’t Load and Basic Troubleshooting: –

  1. Slow Internet: Do a speed test on your browser to check the internet speed. It could be a problem with your router or modem, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  2. Extensions or Addons: Disable all the extensions or remove it from your browser and then try logging in to the Gmail account.
  3. Disable Antivirus: Locate the Antivirus program on your computer and try disabling it. If required then kindly uninstall the Antivirus software and later try opening the Gmail on your Browser.
  4. Check Browser: You need to use a browser that works with Gmail. All the popular browser’s like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge support Gmail. Check Support Browser.
  5. Try Private Windows: Try opening the Gmail on a private or incognito window in your browser and check if the issue got resolved.

How to Fix Gmail Won’t Load issue on Chrome

Chrome is one of the best and most popular browsers in the world, but that doesn’t mean it is perfect and can never create any troubles while browsing the internet. Many users have reported that Gmail won’t load in Google Chrome, and here we are going to show some of the standard solutions you can try to fix Gmail not loading issues on Chrome.

Solution 1- Delete all the Cache and Cookies from Google Chrome

Caches and Cookies are temporary files which are kept on a user’s computer to load web pages next time a user visits quickly. By deleting these files, you can fix the issue of Gmail. Follow the steps: –

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. On the Chrome’s top-right Click on 3 vertical dots.
  3. Next Click on Settings.
  4. Scroll down and Click on Advanced.
  5. On the Advanced tab scroll down and look for Clear browsing data.
  6. Click on Clear browsing data.
  7. On the Basic Tab make sure to select all the options.
    • Browsing History.
    • Cookies and other site data.
    • Cached images and files.
  8. On the Advanced tab make sure to check the first four settings.
    • Browsing history.
    • Download history.
    • Cookies and other site data.
    • Cached images and files.
  9. Click on Clear Data (Blue Box).
  10. Restart your Chrome and Open Gmail to check if it is working properly.

Solution 2- Disable Google Chrome Browser Extensions

Google Chrome extensions help you become more productive by adding functionality on your Google Chrome browser. Although it helps you in many ways, there are few disadvantages of it as well. Try disabling the extensions to check if you can load Gmail.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your pc/laptop.
  2. Click on Customize and Control Google Chrome at the top-right corner (3 vertical dots).
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. On the left side you’ll see extensions in between Advanced and About Chrome option.
  5. Click on Extensions.
  6. A new window will open with all the current active extension.
  7. Make sure to turn off the extensions. (Disable)
  8. Once you are done then restart your Google Chrome browser.
  9. Check if the problem exists or is it gone.

Solution 3 – Update Google Chrome

Outdated Google Chrome version can also cause a lot of issues, and it might not work correctly. To update Google Chrome, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your pc/laptop.
  2. Click on Customize and Control Google Chrome at the top-right corner (3 vertical dots).
  3. Click Help and Select about Google Chrome.
  4. If an update is pending, the icon will be colored:
    • Green: An update was released less than 2 days ago.
    • Orange: An update was released about 4 days ago.
    • Red: An update was released at least a week ago.
  5. Click on update and after it is completed Click on Relaunch.
  6. Try to get into Gmail and check if the problem got resolved.

Solution 4- Reset Google Chrome Browser

Make sure to backup all the email ids, usernames, and passwords you’ve saved on the Google Chrome. Next, follow the steps below to reset the Chrome Browser.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your pc/laptop.
  2. Click on Customize and Control Google Chrome at the top-right corner (3 vertical dots).
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Scroll Down to the bottom.
  5. Click on Advanced and scroll down to the bottom.
  6. Under Reset and Cleaning Option Select Restore settings to their original defaults.
  7. Click on Reset settings and wait.
  8. Restart the Chrome and Check if the problem of Gmail won’t load still persists.

Solution 5- Uninstall and Re-Install Google Chrome

Try to remove the Google Chrome from your computer and then re-install it. Take a backup of all the settings, emails, and passwords you’ve saved on your Google Chrome then try the steps below.

Uninstall Google Chrome: –

  1. For Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, & 10) open the run box by pressing the Windows Key + r.
  2. Type inside appwiz.cpl and hit on OK.
  3. Select Google Chrome and Click on Uninstall.
  4. Fill the survey if you want to or close it.
  5. Let the uninstall process to complete fully.
  6. Restart the pc/laptop.

Reinstall Google Chrome: –

  1. Open any other browser. (Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari).
  2. If you are not able to find any browser then open the run box again (windows key + r).
  3. Type inside iexplore.exe and Click on OK.
  4. Select use recommended security and compatibility settings.
  5. Click on Ok.
  6. Go to this link Download Google Chrome.
  7. Click on Download and select Help make Google Chrome better by automatically sending usage statistics and crash reports to Google.
  8. Click on Accept and Install.
  9. Click on Yes to install Google Chrome.
  10. Once the installation is completed try loading Gmail.
Final Words