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Today many Google Chrome users have been reporting that the Browser keeps crashing while they use it on a Windows 10 operating system. This issue can drive the user crazy as the crashes may lead to loss of data, can interrupt your entertainment, and also make it impossible to browse the internet.

There are many possible reasons for this error to occur on your computer system. As such there are many possible solutions to get rid of. In this article, we have compiled some most effective and easy methods for resolving this issue with Google Chrome keep crashing on Windows 10.

Why does Google Chrome Keep Crashing on Windows 10?

If you launch Google Chrome on your computer and suddenly Chrome keeps crashing then you don’t need to get panic as now you can fix Google Chrome crashing issues quickly as well as easily.

There might be several reasons that why Chrome browser gets slow down, crashes, or freeze, and sometimes it can also be hard to pinpoint the error. Here has been defined some reasons that why Chrome stops workings:

1: Sometimes it happens that Chrome has opened too many tabs and the browser is also using too many system resources.

2: Most of the time third-party apps and extensions can interfere with Chrome’s operation and utilizes too much memory and thus causes the browser to crash.

3: Both virus and malware infections can wreak chaos on Chrome.

With the help of simple troubleshooting steps, you can pinpoint the problem and get Chrome backup and running.

Some Possible Problems in Google Chrome:

1: Google Chrome running slow on Windows 10.

2: Chrome won’t get open or stops responding.

3: Google Chrome randomly gets freeze.

4: Chrome keeps crashing on Windows 10.

If Google Chrome keep Crashing then here are some ways to resolve this issue:

1: You should kill Chrome from Task Manager.

2: Ensure if your Anti-virus is blocking Chrome.

3: Delete all user profiles in Chrome.

4: Run Chrome in safe mode.

5: Run Chrome cleanup tool.

6: Reset or Re-install Chrome.

How to Fix Chrome Crash or Not Opening Problem on Computer?

One of the most popular browsers in the world which millions of people are using is Google Chrome, even though Chrome crashes occasionally. To get rid of this situation most people uninstall Chrome on their device and then re-install Chrome to fix the crash issue. However, if this trick doesn’t work well then you can try the below-given solutions.

Here has been listed some troubleshooting steps to fix Chrome Crash or Not Opening Problem on Computer:

Solution 1st: Check Chrome is already open:

To fix Chrome Crash or Not Opening Problem on Computer you need to follow the given steps:

For those who are running Chrome on PC needs to follow these steps:

1: First, you need to press Ctrl + Alt +Del on your keyboard.

2: Now, select the Task Manager.

open task manager to fix Google Chrome Keep Crashing

3: Next, under Processes, you need to check if Google Chrome or chrome.exe is present and if so, then you need to click it and then click the end process.

chrome task manager end task

For the users who are operating Mac:

1: First press Command + Option + esc on your keyboard.

2: Here a window will appear known as Force Quit Applications and then look for a Google Chrome.

3: If you see that Chrome is there then first you need to select it and then click Force Quit.

Solution 2nd: Restart your Computer:

Sometimes it happens that certain applications that run on your computer may conflict with Google Chrome and thus causing it to fail.

To see if there is any problem that prevents your browser from working correctly, then try to restart your PC. Some time with a help of a simple reboot it wipes away the current state of the software and resolves all the issues associated with it.

Try the given below steps:

1: First, you need to select the Start menu and then select Power.

2: Click Restart now.

Restart your computer to fix Google Chrome Keep Crashing

If still, the Chrome Browser won’t get open after the reboot then read the next step and then try to fix it.

Solution 3: Restart Chrome Browser:

There might be something wrong with your Google Chrome profile that causes problems. Therefore, you first need to uninstall Google Chrome and then make sure to check the box to delete all browsing data and then re-install Chrome.

Follow these given steps to restart Chrome Browser:

1: First, you need to open Settings.

chrome settings

2: At the bottom, click Advanced.

chrome advanced settings to fix Google Chrome Keep Crashing

3: Under System, you need to turn it off Use hardware acceleration when available.

4: Now, finally you can Restart Chrome.

Under System, you need to turn it off Use hardware acceleration when available

Solution 4th: Uninstall Extensions:

For Un-installing Extensions, you need to look to the right of your address bar and then look for the extension’s icon. Then you need to right-click the icon and select Remove from Chrome. However, if you don’t see the extensions icons then try following these given steps:

1: On your computer, open Chrome.

2: At the top right, you need to click More >More Tools> Extensions.

chrome extension to fix Google Chrome Keep Crashing

3: On the Extension, you need to click remove.

4: Now, again confirm it by clicking the remove option.

 to fix Google Chrome Keep Crashing

Solution 5: Close Other Tabs and Apps:

Your computer may sometimes run out of memory and thus it cannot load the website while you are running apps, extensions, and programs. Thus, to free up memory you need to check these given steps:

1: First, close every tab but except the one that is showing the error message.

2: Quit all the other apps or programs that are running.

3: Pause apps or programs or file downloads.

4: Un-install extensions that you usually don’t need.

remove extension

5: On the error tab you need to try reloading once you are finished with the above steps.

Solution 6th: Check for Malware and Virus:

Following has been listed some steps to check Malware and virus:

1: Firstly, you need to open Google Chrome.

2: Now, click on the three dots in the right corner and then choose Settings.

chrome settings to fix Google Chrome Keep Crashing

3: Next, you need to scroll to the bottom and then click Advanced.

chrome advanced settings

4: Again, scroll further down and then choose Clean up the computer.

reset and clean up to fix Google Chrome Keep Crashing

5: Click Find.

click find in chrome browser

6: Wait for few seconds until threats were found and if Chrome finds any malicious software then it will prompt you to remove it.

7: Next, you need to click Remove to get rid of malicious items.

8: Finally restart your computer.

Solution 7th: Fix Network Issue:

To fix Network issues try these following given steps:

1: Firstly, close all the tabs, extensions, and apps.

2: Restart Chrome.

3: Now, restart your computer.

Restart your computer to fix Google Chrome Keep Crashing

4: Check for Malware.

5: Now, open the page in another browser.

6: Next, you need to fix network issues and report your website problems.

7: Fix problem apps (For Windows computer only)

8: Now, check if Chrome is already open.

Solution 8th – Uninstall and Reinstall your Chrome:

For un-installing Google Chrome try these given fixes:

1: On your computer device, first you need to close all Chrome windows and tabs.

2: Now, click the start menu.

3: Go to Settings.

click on start and select settings

4: Click Apps.


Apps to fix Google Chrome Keep Crashing

5: Under Apps and Features you need to find and click Google Chrome.

6: Click Uninstall.

uninstall chrome

7: To delete all your profile information like bookmarks, history, first delete your Browsing data.

8: Now, click Un-install.

For Re-installing Chrome try these given steps:

1: First, you need to open Google Chrome official Website.

2: Now hit the enter key.

3: Next, you need to click Download Chrome>Accept and Install> and then Save File.

Download google chrome to fix Google Chrome Keep Crashing

Solution 9th: Open a Page in another Browser:

There are numerous methods for opening a new blank tab or a link in a tab in Internet Browsers. Here the following sections will show you how to do both. To proceed, first, you need to make your selection from the list below and then follow the instructions.

Method 1st: One of the fastest methods to open a new tab in all browsers is to press the shortcut key combination i.e CTRL + T (PC users) or Command + T (Mac users)

Method 2nd: Each browser contains a small icon next to the tab and it is farthest to the right in the tab bar. The users may click this icon to open a new tab.

Solution 10th: Update or Remove Incompatible Applications:

Follow these steps carefully to update or remove incompatible applications:

1: First copy and paste chrome://conflicts in your Google Chrome address bar.

2: Now, go towards Advanced Settings.

3: Next, you need to click Update or remove incompatible applications under the Reset and clean up section option.

4: Remove the application.

5: Finally, you need to restart the browser and check for the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How to repair Google Chrome?

Ans: To repair Google Chrome learn these given steps:

1: Close all tabs, extensions, and apps.

2: Now, restart Chrome.

3: Next, restart your computer.

4: Check for malware.

5: Open the page in another browser.

6: Fix network issues and report your website problems.

7: Fix problem apps.

8: Now, check to see if chrome is ready to open.

Q2: How to scan Chrome from malware?

Ans: Refer to these given steps to scan Chrome from malware:

1: Firstly, open Google Chrome.

2: Now, click on three dots in the top-right corner and then choose Settings.

3: Now, scroll to the bottom and then click advanced.

4: Scroll further down and then pick clean up the computer.

5: Click Find.

6: Now, wait for Google to report whether any threats have been found or not.

Q3: How you can reset Google chrome?

Ans: Check the given steps to reset Google Chrome:

1: First open your device settings menu then tap on Apps.

2: Now, find and tap on the Chrome app.

3: Tap storage.

4: Tap Manage space.

5: Tap clear all data.

6: Finally, Confirm by tapping Ok.

Q4: How you can save Google Chrome Bookmarks?

Ans: Here has been listed some steps that helps in saving Google Chrome Bookmarks:

1: Firstly, open Chrome on your Android device.

2: Now, tap on the three dots menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

3: Next, tap Bookmarks.

4: When the actual bookmarks list opens, then you need to tap the back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen.

5: Finally, you need to tap one of the folders to use the Bookmark set.

Q5: How to get your favorites back?

Ans: If you are looking to get your favorites back then perform these steps:

1: Click the favorite’s icon in the upper right corner.

2: Now, click the down arrow to add to favorites or you can also press Alt +Z on your keyboard as a shortcut.

3: Next, select import and export in the pop-up menu.

4: In the import and export settings window, you need to “Select export to a file and then click next”.

Q6: How to re-install Google Chrome on Computer?

Ans: For re-installing Google Chrome on your computer device try these fixes:

1: First, download the installation file.

2: If prompted, you need to click Run and save.

3: However, if you choose Save, then you need to double-click the downloading and start installing.


To sum up the above post we have introduced how to fix Chrome Crash or Not Opening Problem on Computer along with the 13 troubleshooting solutions that help you in encounter this issue.

When the Browser stops working or if it freezes then it provides quite a frustration to most of the users. We completely understand it and that is why we have come up with the above-mentioned steps to resolve Chrome’s not responding problems.

However, if Google chrome keeps appearing crashing problems then try to re-install Google Chrome. In addition to it, if you are also facing an internet disconnected error in Google Chrome then you need to clear browser cache and cookies as it might cause Google Chrome not responding problem. Before that, you need to remember to take a backup of bookmarks and other data.

We hope that you find all our solutions informative as these methods helped thousands of our users to fix Google Chrome’s not opening issue and you can also try these different fixes for your computer if any of them may work for you. It can happen that some slight differences you will notice in the Windows version that you are using, but these solutions will easily work on all major versions of OS like Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Final words

Since these issues get caused due to incompatible programs or some malware attack. So, it is advisable to run a malware scan by using good anti-viruses and then check your system type, and download. This will quickly scan the critical area and delete the malware.

It is advisable to install a good antivirus program to avoid any such issue in the future and have a full version of antivirus that give you peace of mind and protect your PC from the different type of malware and it offers internet security too. Else, you can also install free antivirus as these antivirus programs will provide you the essential security from numerous PC threats.

If still, it doesn’t solve your problem then you can contact our technical teams of experts via chat and we will surely help you in resolving this issue by providing hassle-free solutions.

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